Top talent made Bama-FSU a great game

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017

We are back from Game 1, and while Nick Saban may not have been the most impressed, I certainly am.

My team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, did me proud and the atmosphere was amazing. I wasn’t able to go to into the game, but Atlanta was crawling with Bama fans. I was in Buckhead and I ran into at least 30 people I knew. Even with them being a broke college student, no one was missing this faceoff.

I don’t want to say I told you so, but the Tide stepped it up a notch during the offseason after their loss to Clemson, just as I knew they would. This was Saban’s 11th season-opening win in a row, and he beat a former assistant who knows what they are capable of first hand.

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If I had to sum up the game in just a few numbers, FSU only gained 40 yards rushing and Alabama gained 173 yards, so I think that says it all. The Noles held an average of negative one yard per carry.

Even with the negative yardage, it’s hard to deny the talent that both teams showed Saturday night. I fully believe the Noles and Tide will see each other again in the National Championship. That is, if Deondre Francois can play without the crutches. SB Nation even said “there probably won’t be another game this season with more talent on the field than this one,” and I agree. 

In what other game would you see a starting running back block a punt from the other team to allow a field goal? The answer is, you wouldn’t.