How do you like my new hair?

Published 4:37 pm Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How do you like my new picture, with my new hairdo?

I have complained for several years about my previous photo not looking like me anymore. At least not since I had cataract surgery and no longer wear glasses full-time and my hair-do is very different.

This all made me think of the hair styles I have adopted through the years, and how different a new do can make you look.

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When I was a little girl, and up until I entered sixth grade, I had really long braids. Unfortunately, when it came time to cut my hair, I was taken by my father to his barber who literally just cut the braids off. Done. In my sixth grade school picture I look like I had been frightened by a hair-raising event.

In high school I had bangs across my forehead, hair parted in the middle, with long, and shoulder-length hair.

In the late 1950’s I cut it off to match my favorite movie star, Audrey Hepburn.

When it grew out I endured the bee-hive look through the 60’s.

As I have a healthy, full head of hair, I had no problem accomplishing the “Big Hair” look of the 70’s and early 80’s, except that I needed frequent perms to make it stay. The color also changed a bit. Growing up I always had auburn hair. As I grew older it became darker and I lost the red. Once I bleached it out all blonde, but just once. When I went home from the beauty parlor (that is what they called it back then) my son said I didn’t look like his Mom. He was quite upset about it.

For a good many years I wore it short and spikey in various shades of red and blonde streaked into the brown.

Then about one year ago I decided to let it grow out into what is known as a Bob.

Now, it looks completely different. Thanks to the expertise of my stylist, Linda McCullers, I have kept up different versions of the tri-color routine, and the latest styles she wants to try out on my hair.

Why wear the same old style year after year when you can experiment and change your look? Some work better than others, but it is fun to try something new.

I am not quite ready for the funky purple streaks, but I am open to suggestions.

As a side note, I was visited by my son last week who made no mention of my hair, but he definitely knew I was his Mom.