Enrollment Numbers Down in Decatur County Schools

Published 4:46 pm Monday, August 28, 2017

The year is off to a great start for Decatur County School System, although the enrollment may indicate a slight drop in students.

Superintendent Tim Cochran reported a slight decrease from last year’s enrollment, going down 76 students. He said this decrease has predominantly taken place in the elementary and high schools, but middle schools have remained even, if not rising in their numbers.

“Of course we do not want to see enrollment drop. Ideally we like to see a steady and small increase,” Cochran said. “The biggest issue we face is our economic opportunities in our area, which is a concern for all small towns, especially in South Georgia.

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The headcount for this school year is 5,146 for pre-k through 12th graders Compare that to last year’s total of 5, 222.

The schools’ breakdowns from last year are:

  • Bainbridge High School had 1,556 students in 2016 and 1,541 in 2017, dropping 15 students.
  • Bainbridge Middle School had 717 students in 2016, compared to 708 students now, dropping nine students.
  • Hutto Middle School has seen an increase going from 730 students in 2016 to 750 students this year.
  • Elcan King Elementary saw a slight drop with 467 students in 2016 and 461 this year.
  • John Johnson Elementary lost 71 students. In 2016, they had a total of 441, and after the 10-day count this year they only have 370.
  • Jones Wheat Elementary gained 16 new students rising from 454 to 470.
  • Potter Street Elementary gained six new students. Going from 306 to 312.
  • West Bainbridge Elementary, also lost a few students. They went from 551 to 534, dropping by 17.

Cochran said they, “will continue to monitor our enrollment and plan accordingly.”

He also wants everyone to keep in mind that these counts are fluid after only 10 days, but the main count that takes place for funding is in