BPS assists in taking down serial burglars

Published 5:43 pm Friday, August 25, 2017


Late Thursday evening and early Friday morning Bainbridge Public Safety, with help from Thomas County Police Department, arrested two men connected to armed robberies across Georgia and into Florida.

On July 14, Bainbridge Public Safety started working an investigation on an armed robbery. They connected the robbery and MO to ones that already occurred in Grady County and Baker County. Through the media, Bainbridge Public Safety released a video asking for help in identifying two subjects involved in the armed robbery. That is when the case really took a turn. An anonymous caller revealed who one of the men in the video was and where he lived. That man was Kealeeon Miranda of Thomasville.

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From that, Bainbridge Public Safety took evidence gathered at the scene of the armed robbery in Baker County and solicited the help of Thomas County Police Department, Investigator Chip Nix said.  They were able to identify that the evidence did belong to Miranda and obtained an arrest warrant and a warrant to search his apartment. While searching the apartment, they found clothes and masks worn during the robbery along with firearms, specifically the one where the serial number had been scratched off. From there they identified Miranda’s co-defendant, Darrell Perry of Thomasville.

While the information given gave his home address, Miranda was at work when apprehended. His girlfriend said he was at Flash Foods in Thomasville, however the police could not be certain of that information and split into groups. That is when they spotted Miranda taking out trash at a convenience store. They waited for him to return inside, where they walked in and arrested him. Miranda was cooperative and did not put up a fight, which BPS was thankful for.

“Armed robberies are the scariest we come across, because a lot of times we are dealing with firearms and adrenaline and sometimes they squeeze the trigger and we come across a homicide.”  Nix said. “We can’t thank the caller and media enough. We worked on this for two days straight non-stop.”

After arresting Miranda, the police had him call his accomplice so they could determine his location and obtain him too. Perry was returning from Macon, where he claimed to be “seeing a girlfriend.” Police arrested him and found a stolen assault rifle and a bag full of money orders taken from a pawnshop. Perry claimed he had no interactions with Miranda and nothing he had in his car was stolen.

Miranda’s girlfriend was able to blow the lid off Perry’s alibi when she provided police with a towel and rag Perry had showered with previously at their home. After rigorous DNA testing, police linked Perry and Miranda to over 14 armed robberies and obtained three firearms. The men currently have one count of armed robbery in Bainbridge with various charges pending in Athens, Macon, Albany, Baker County, Grady County and Florida.

Police continue to ask to always call in if you have any tips on illegal activity and ask to speak to the case agent. Because of this call no one was hurt and BPS are thankful.