Fresh team, fresh season

Published 4:13 pm Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bainbridge will have its work cut out for it Friday night under Lee County lights. The Trojans return a large number of explosive playmakers, but the Bearcats are up to the challenge.

“Our challenge is going to be to keep them in front of us and make good tackles,” coach Jeff Littleton said.

Lee County’s senior quarterback Jason Orndorff, senior running back Nikko Cruz and a corps of upperclassman receivers make up the aggressive Trojan offense. Last Thursday in their win over Mary Pearsons, Orndorff was 18-of-26 passing for 238 yards and a touchdown.

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Wide receiver Ty Terrell, a Ball State commit, and offensive lineman Griffin McDowell, a Mississippi State commit, are a couple more star players on the Lee County roster.

Bainbridge’s secondary will need to play tight on Lee County’s receivers while also maintaining a good threat in the backfield. Like all games, this one will be won on the line of scrimmage.

Bainbridge’s offense will see Mark Loeffler step up for his first start at quarterback as a senior. He’ll have plenty of help from running back Dameon Pierce and receivers Caleb McDowell, Aaron Spivie and tight end Bowen Dodson.

The Trojans runs a 3-4 defense. Outside linebacker Otis Reese, who is a Michigan commit, is often moved all over the field, Littleton said. The changing coverages and blitz threats will force the Bearcats to stay on their toes.

“We are going to have to have our eyes up and be solid with our calls up front and pick those guys up,” Littleton said. “Because they are going to be very aggressive and penetrate the line of scrimmage. We are going to have to keep our eyes up and move our feet. That’s the biggest thing we are preaching.”

Really what it comes down to is execution in all phases of the game, Littleton added. The threat from all angles on Lee County’s offense, defense and special teams makes the Trojans hard to play with. Breaking tackles, picking up blitzes, yards after catches and yards after contact will give Bainbridge an edge.

“That’s going to be big for us,” Littleton said. “Extending drives and having some explosive plays where hopefully we can catch them in a blitz and have a big play.”

Bainbridge kicks off at 7:30 p.m. at Lee County.