Tiny house, BIG living

Published 5:58 pm Friday, August 18, 2017

April and Daniel Phelan felt like every door had shut on them during their house hunt. They would become interested in a home and offer the full price, only to have someone else offer more. That’s when April began to live on Zillow (the home searching website) and found a tiny house on wheels for $10,000. While that house turned out to be a scam, it opened up an exciting adventure for April and Daniel.

The couple decided to build a tiny house. April’s family owns a woodshop in Whigham and found they could build cheaper than buy. They realized this home would allow them to travel and grow in their relationship more than anything else. “The tiny house meant less home, but more life,” April said.

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When moving into something so small, April and Daniel knew they would have to bring only minimal belongings, but for April that was a goal she set out to do two years ago. April began reading a Christian-based book about contentment. In the book, the missionary was based in Poland and hosted a homeless woman. The missionary looked for signs of envy in the homeless woman’s eyes, and realized there wasn’t any. She couldn’t help but wonder why and so she asked the woman. The homeless woman replied that she never wanted to be like the people of the Western world, who have so much stuff that they don’t need Jesus. The story really struck a chord with April, who said that has made it easier to get rid of stuff. She brought only what she needed and that brought her peace.

The two share a storage shed for a small table and some gifts they received at their August wedding incase they upgrade to a larger home one day, but for now they are content in their first home.

The Phelans loved building their tiny home so much that they have opened a tiny house company, Every Little Thang. They don’t just create tiny homes; they currently are working on building a taco company out of shipping containers. In addition to building tiny homes they also create custom furniture to go in them, or go in a regular-sized home. They are happy to create anything that allows you to create more memories. Helping with the manufacturing is April’s aunt, who previously owned Gabby’s Rustic Designs in Whigham.

To showcase their work and tiny home, the Phelans are hosting a soft open house and walkthrough September 13 and 14 from 5-7 p.m. They can’t wait for people to see “tiny.” The house is located at 310 W. Broad Avenue, Whigham, Ga. 39897.