Come fly with me

Published 5:51 pm Friday, August 18, 2017

All week long I looked forward to Friday, even more than usual, because that was the day the 75 year-old airplane was coming to Bainbridge. I had been promised an opportunity to fly in it — if I could manage to get my arthritic knees to work well enough that I could make the climb up into the plane.

Pilot Tom Smith and all the fellows at the airport were great helping and encouraging me, and with the aid of a step-ladder, I was finally secured in the back seat, buckled in, and wearing my earphones. I was ready to fly.

The take-off was thrilling and as we flew over the town I loved looking out the window trying to identify places and buildings.  I also loved taking photos of fields, solar farms, the Flint River and just enjoying the beauty of Decatur County and Bainbridge from the air. It is such a different perspective.

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It all ended too soon, as we made a smooth landing and it was time to struggle out of all the safety gear, and make my descent to the pavement.

My thanks to all who helped make this experience of a lifetime possible. I can hardly wait for my children and grandkids to see what new adventure their grandma has been up to.