Kids bring ideas to digital world at Minecraft Club

Published 5:53 pm Friday, August 11, 2017

Kate Johnson is building a structure from a Star Wars movie.

No, not in reality, obviously. It’s in a popular video game called Minecraft. In the game, a player assumes the role of a builder and an explorer, developing a digital world into whatever they see fit.

For Johnson, that’s a scene from the famous sci-fi movie franchise.

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“I like to watch the original Star Wars movies and get the landforms and stuff off of that,” said Johnson, 10. “There are a lot of different planets and I like to go off that.”

The Decatur County Gilbert H. Gragg Library created a Minecraft club for kids to come together and share ideas. Eventually, the video game will allow players to interact together on a server, meaning Bainbridge players can work together in the game world to play, build, explore and even battle.

Minecraft inspires creative minds to create something from nothing. The game sparked an entire subculture upon its release almost six years ago, and players share ideas on sites like YouTube or other blogs to keep the game fresh and interesting.

“Minecraft Club is the brainchild of my son,” said Catherine Vanstone, assistant director for technology, training and development at the library. “He said he wanted to get it where they could all come together, play, hang out, see what each other are building. Also maybe somebody knows how to do something the others don’t. It is a creative game.”

At Thursday’s meeting, Henry, 9, had a controller plugged into a laptop and was navigating through a world he has been working on with his dad.

To put it simply, Henry likes everything about Minecraft. His favorite things to do are battle and build, to make anything from nothing.

“I make a lot of buildings, and just make it feel like the world out here,” Henry said.

Once the server is available for players to interact and build in the world together, Vanstone has ideas for projects the club can work on.

“The hope is they will start collaborating, especially when we do the server,” Vanstone said. “Somewhere we could work on our own thing and another part of the world we can work on the project together. My thing is, this month we try to build (something). And we work on (something) for several months.”

One idea she had was to see if the club could recreate Bainbridge in the game.

Vanstone is encouraging of kids to play the game and exercise their creativity. The building aspect of the game has roots in architecture, and almost works like digital building blocks. Players have to go on journeys to mine for minerals used to create structures, and have to plan their food rations accordingly.

“That’s problem solving,” Vanstone said.

Minecraft Club meets once a month at the library. For more information contact Vanstone at or at (229) 248-2665.