Woman arrested for slashing tires, DUI at Days Inn

Published 11:18 am Thursday, August 3, 2017

Amanda Lynn Smith

A Donalsonville woman was arrested Tuesday for slashing tires in the Days Inn parking lot in Bainbridge and attempting to drive while heavily intoxicated.

Cameras at the Days Inn caught Amanda Lynn Smith, 30, allegedly walking around the parking lot wearing nothing but a house coat and a bikini around 2 a.m. Monday. The woman in the video was unsteady on her feet and shown roaming around the complex before bending down next to a 2015 Toyota Tacoma and thrusting her hand toward the driver’s side tire.

She moved around to six other vehicles in the parking lot performing the same actions to one or two of the tires before stopping.

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Around an hour and a half later, the video footage shows the woman getting into a Mazda minivan and moving it forward into a parking spot. The van stays there for a moment, and then returns to its original spot. Footage shows the woman leaving the vehicle and walking up stairs to go into a hotel room.

Bainbridge Public Safety officer Christopher Prindle was called to Days Inn Tuesday morning after a complainant found his tires were slashed. Prindle reviewed the tires and noticed some blood stains on one of them. The footage shows the woman spent a longer amount of time at this tire, stabbing it twice, pausing, then stabbing it another 13 times as if she was angry, the report says.

Prindle met with Smith in the same room that the woman who was captured on camera was seen walking into earlier that morning. When asked if she knew anything about the punctured tires, Smith said she didn’t and she was “so drunk during the time, she didn’t remember much,” the report says.

Prindle asked if he could search Smith’s purse and found a folding pocket knife with black rubber marks on it and a red substance similar to blood on the blade. Prindle looked at Smith’s hands and found a cut on one of the fingers. Smith couldn’t remember how she got it.

When asked, Smith couldn’t remember moving the silver minivan in the parking lot either. She said she had drunk some “Fireball” whiskey around 1:30 a.m. when she arrived at the Days Inn. Around a third of the quart-sized bottle was gone.

Smith was arrested and charged with six counts of criminal trespass, driving under the influence and theft of services.

Of the seven vehicles, six of the owners were contacted and wanted to prosecute.