Dasher celebrates 103 years

Published 4:57 pm Friday, July 28, 2017

Memorial Manor hosted a birthday party for Jack Dasher, who turned 103 July 28. Dasher was joined by his wife, Katy, activities director, Karrell Bush and photographs from days past.

Dasher was born and raised in Fowlstown where he attended elementary and middle school before he transferred to Faceville, where he graduated highschool. Upon graduation, Dasher joined the marines and served twice in World War II. Mrs. Dasher said Jack doesn’t often talk about his service, but she knows it is something he is very proud of.

If you ever came across Dasher in the Manor, you would never guess he was a veteran. He doesn’t have a fighting bone in his body. He is the youngest of five, with three sisters and an older brother, Jack was always the baby. He loves attention, Mrs. Dasher said. When Dasher was younger, it was time for him to begin kindergarten, but he had asthma and also just didn’t want to go; his mother allowed him to stay home and just begin the next year. She enjoyed the time with him and wanted another year with her baby.

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After his mother passed away at 104, Katy began to spoil him. “He loves sweets,” Mrs. Dasher said. “I go to the vending machine every day and bring him a cookie.”

“Mrs. Katy is his biggest sweet,” chimed in Bush.

Katy and Dasher didn’t meet until he was almost 87 years old. Katy said she had come to the senior center with a friend and saw him playing classical music on his cassette player, and at that moment he had her heart.  “He was very handsome,” said Mrs. Dasher. “He’s a real hardshell. He prides himself on shaving and wearing nice clothes.”

Dasher loved classical music. His three sisters played piano when he was younger, so he has always been around the joyful tunes. Because of his love for the piano, every Wednesday volunteer, Stephanie, comes and plays the piano for him. Before Dasher was confined to a wheelchair, he loved to dance and was self-proclaimed prankster. He would take his walking stick, while dancing around and poke people. “He loves to clown around,” Bush said.

Mrs. Dasher said Jack’s favorite part of being 102 was when his nephew from West Florida came down to visit. She said he really enjoys when they visit and keeps in touch with them often. Recently, he also began to attend BINGO with her. He doesn’t play yet, but she moves the pieces for him. She said she hopes he decides to play soon.

As for what’s to come this year, Mrs. Dasher said she doesn’t really know. But, she was happy to celebrate another year with him, as she fed him a piece of cake. Mr. Dasher was all smiles as he enjoyed the cake and requested more ice cream and Hawaiian Punch.