Georgia DDS developing app to alert drivers of important news

Published 5:42 pm Tuesday, July 25, 2017

GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) is excited to announce that it has partnered with Georgia-based Scope IT Consulting to develop a new Mobile App which will prove to be revolutionary in how DDS and its customers are able to communicate.

The new Mobile App, which is projected for launch in late 2017 or early 2018, will not only provide customers access to many of the already existing web-based services DDS offers, but also allow customers to receive direct and personalized push alerts when their driver’s license status changes.  These notifications “push” customers to check the mobile app for new citations, fees, expiration dates, or any other changes that affect their license status.

DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore believes that the new Mobile App will be a huge win-win for both DDS and its customers. “There should be no more surprises when it comes to driver services. Citations, points on a license and renewal periods can all be checked from your phone quickly and easily.”

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In addition, as more customers use the new Mobile App, the number of phone calls to the DDS Customer Contact Center will be reduced, as well as the number of customers needing to personally visit a DDS Customer Service Center to transact business.  For customers, it will be an additional resource to remind them to renew their license, or alert them that something has changed or been updated on their driving record.      

Scope IT Consulting is recognized as a go-to organization for solving complex business process and technology integration problems for its clients. With more than hundreds of successful projects implemented for Fortune 100 clients, their team has mastered the expertise of solving the most complex problems by bringing people, process and data together.

For complete driver licensing and testing information and online services including the Skip a Step! option to submit an application before visiting, please visit the DDS website at