Can Alabama make a comeback to kick off 2017?

Published 4:39 pm Friday, July 21, 2017

So, I’m a little biased after graduating from Alabama, but do I think Bama can beat FSU?


After that God awful loss against the gaudy orange and purple Clemson Tigers in the National Championship title, Alabama is coming back with a vengeance.

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Let’s break it down. Bama went 14-1, 8-0 (SEC) last season. FSU went 10-3, 5-3 (ACC), and I’ve never even heard of some of the teams they played. My friend Kristin Stallones is a football fanatic. She’s from Houston. Enough said. She assures me that we will win.

We are returning four starters in the secondary, which is really good, she said. Not only that, but we have Jalen Hurts on our side. He did an incredible job as a freshman. Now that he is a sophomore I can’t even imagine the fire he will bring.

Kristin also reminded me, though that losing to Clemson was a burden on their shoulders and now everyone will want to see them fail that way again. But, I don’t think Saban will let that happen. Saban just signed an eight-year contract extension guaranteeing a $4 million incentive. Although he’s not the type to brag, I think he will want to show the other coach why he just got a contract extension… because he’s the best.

If Saban, Hurts and vengeance aren’t enough, Alabama always has me. I’ll have turned 22 the week before and be in Atlanta to wish them luck. Taylor Swift guarantees everything to be alright at 22, so if we don’t win this game, I’m blaming her. So, let’s get hype because Alabama is one of the first teams to face off in the new Mercedes Benz Stadium and show FSU what the Tide is all about.