Residents reach out to help disoriented driver

Published 4:41 pm Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Last Wednesday evening, July 12, at approximately 6:30 p.m., a vehicle at the intersection of Shotwell Street and Whigham Dairy/College Road did not go forward when the traffic light changed to green.  The driver of one of the other cars waiting in line noticed that the car was driven by an elderly gentleman. She became worried and decided to check on him.

Observing that he appeared to be disoriented, she told him she was worried about him and asked if she could drive him to the Circle K station.

After he agreed, she left her vehicle in the roadway and helped the man walk around to the passenger side of his auto. At that point she drove him to the safety of the parking lot.

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Other drivers approaching the intersection noticed what was happening and also offered assistance.

One of those was Shayla Smallwood. She and another unidentified individual pulled into the Circle K lot to help. Shayla called 911.

At that point the other man offering assistance offered to remove the unattended vehicle from the roadway and bring it to the parking lot.

When Bainbridge Pubic Safety officers arrived they were able to talk with the disoriented gentleman, learn his identity and contact his family. They stayed with him until his family members could arrive to help him get home.

The only person identified in the city’s press release  was Shayla Smallwood, who said she didn’t know the names of the lady and man who joined her providing assistance, but she commented, “It was great to see how everyone came together in a time of need,” adding she was glad she could help.