Stolen car investigated by Bainbridge Public Safety

Published 5:01 pm Friday, June 30, 2017

Bainbridge Public Safety recovered a stolen vehicle around 1:30 a.m. Thursday after officer Chris Hill watched the driver and passenger abandon the car and escape on foot.

Hill watched the silver Oldsmobile run a stop sign at the intersection of Potter and Shotwell streets. As he followed the car down Shotwell Street and onto Clay Street, Hill also noticed the vehicle had a brake light out. Hill turned on his lights when the vehicle reached Water Street.

The Oldsmobile spun its tires and took off to avoid Hill’s traffic stop, according to the report. Hill turned off his emergency lights and radioed to E-911 that he was terminating the traffic stop because the car was fleeing.

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When the vehicle reached the intersection of Clay Street and MLK Drive, Hill said he watched the car come to an abrupt stop and two males abandon the vehicle, taking off in different directions.

Hill attempted to follow where the males were running, but was unable to find them. The darkness also made it difficult for him to get an accurate look at the two.

When Hill returned for the abandoned vehicle at the intersection, he saw that it had rolled through the stop sign and up onto the curb, coming to a stop after lightly colliding with a chain link fence.

E-911 advised Hill that the vehicle belonged to Debbie Pickren, who lived on Potter Street. Hill called her and told her he found her vehicle and it might have been stolen. Pickren said she didn’t give anybody permission to take her vehicle and a similar incident had happened about a month prior.

The Oldsmobile was towed to Bainbridge Public Safety and the case was turned over to investigators.