It’s just for girls

Published 4:24 pm Friday, June 30, 2017

Those of you who know me and have followed my columns in the past will remember that my two daughters come down each summer to spend a week with me. At the same time, my husband Ron seizes the chance to “get outta Dodge,” and he goes to spend time with a couple of his buddies from high school who now live near Clemson, SC.

So, it’s just us girls. The get-together came off as scheduled, only this year we were one girl short. On Monday we had to say goodbye to my 13-year-old Golden Lab named Josie. Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet can relate to the pain that brings.

I was so thankful to have the girls here to help me through the grieving process.

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We always have such a good time together. We don’t do anything outstanding, but we just relax. We eat when and what we want.

There is no pressure to cook, clean or do anything else except enjoy each other’s company. Does it sound boring?

I assure you it is not. They very much enjoy South Georgia and like to explore the unique shops and restaurants in the area and meeting our interesing residents.

They also love to go to Havana. We had a delicious lunch at a new English café there and browsed through Wanderings, looking at the furniture and jewelry. My daughter Barb especially loves Wanderings furniture. On one trip she purchased two special reclining chairs for which she had to make delivery arrangements. We brought them as far as Bainbridge in our van, then they borrowed a van from a friend to get them up to South Carolina. The next summer she spied a coffee table she had to have.

We packed it into her auto, where it just fit. This year she fell for a gray leather sofa. Knowing it would definitely not fit in her car or mine, she decided she would have to pass for now.

We traveled to Chattahoochee one evening for dinner at Rutabaga’s, a restaurant they have wanted to try ever since they heard about it. They loved the food, and afterwards we crossed over the Chattahoochee Bridge so they could see the locks and Lake Seminole.

They enjoyed meeting a friend of mine who is a maker of crafts and an avid gardener.  After they admired some of her exotic plants, she graciously gathered some seeds for them to take home.

We boosted the local economy as they made their annual pilgrimage to Flint River Outfitters, then on to the sales at Belk. 

We just had fun doing what women like to do. Best of all we talk to each other, sharing family news, memories and sayings and making plans for the future.

One parting shot. Just before they left on Saturday, Gail confessed she forgot to bring the travelling snake—a standing practical joke in our family.

Now, everyone is back home safely. I am back to work, and looking forward to the same time next year.