Mobile home catches fire

Published 4:35 pm Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Smoke rises out of the mobile home that caught on fire last Thursday on Helen Street.

At approximately 10:47 a.m. last Thursday morning, BPS was called to a fire on Helen Street that left the inside of the mobile home gutted.

While the owner was out Thursday morning, a neighbor noticed smoke and called to report a structure fire. Chief Doyle Welch was out on Thursday morning, causing engineer Jeff Kelly to be first on the scene. “There were heavy flames from the front of the mobile home, so the 1st engine attack line hooked up to the hydrant, while the 2nd line of attack worked on the back side,” said Kelly.

Kelly said everything inside the mobile home would need to be gutted, except for possibly one bedroom on the far end of the house. That bedroom suffered from heat and water damage, but the rest of the home was destroyed along with all the contents.

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Investigator Chris Jordan determined the cause of the fire was electrical in nature. During his investigation, the floor gave way and Jordan fell through, making him unavailable for comment. However, Kelly said they believe the homeowner left “too much stuff plugged in and it caused for electrical overload.”

Kelly reminds everyone to be mindful of how much they are plugging in and to not leave multiple things plugged in for an overly long period of time.