Miss Flint River advocates for protection of waterway

Published 4:12 pm Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Miss Flint River, Daryln Davis, smiles after winning her title that allows for her to protect the environment she represents.

Being crowned Miss Flint River was truly a blessing for 20-year-old Darlyn Davis. She not only has an opportunity to protect the Flint, but she also has the ability to protect the environment her bees buzz around in.

Davis has been a beekeeper for the past five years and said the atmosphere and environmental issues affect her bees. Davis doesn’t believe people know that bees are responsible for pollinating 80 percent of plants and are on the endangered species list, because of this she is making it her mission to educate people on how to take care of bees.

Davis began to work on the environment just a week after being crowned. She attended events featuring the Flint Riverkeepers, who work to protect the Flint. In addition to that, she helped at the concert and benefit, Flint River Rhythm, where she sang and performed and they auctioned off kayaks and other water recreational items.  Davis also plans to partake in her own kayaking adventure as she paddles down the Flint with David Dixon and cleans along the way. While working with the annual cleanups on the Flint, Davis said she hopes to promote cleanliness and the importance of it at a young age.

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She has been working with elementary schools to explain the different types of bees and how to identify one when it’s near. She doesn’t want the children to “holler and be afraid,” but instead learn how to care for these small critters. While children are easy to communicate that to, Davis hopes to translate it to older adults, who may be set in their ways about bees and the likes of.

When Davis is not working with  children or promoting the care of the Flint, she advocates for ALZ. “My grandmother had dementia for 10 years,” said Davis. “Now that I’m older, I realize the effects it has had on her. She is one of 16 million to be affected by this debilitating disease.” Davis’ mission is to become hands on and proactive. She wants to inspire everyone to become an advocate for this amazing organization.

Although Davis did not win the title of Miss Georgia, she did win the non-finalist talent award for her rendition of Desperado and the non-finalist interview award. This is not the last of Darlyn Davis, as she will continue to help keep our rivers clean and fight for a better environment for her bees and for herself.