Man rams vehicle into front of Bainbridge Hardware building, charged for meth

Published 4:39 pm Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Paul Gideon Harrell was charged Monday morning with possession of methamphetamines after his Volkswagen Jetta impacted the front of Bainbridge Hardware.

After knocking over a pedestrian crosswalk signpost and crashing into Bainbridge Hardware, Officer Prindle approached Harrell.

Harrell told Officer Prindle in the reports he must have fallen asleep and attempted to steer away from the sign and Hardware store when he awoke. Prindle did notice that Harrell appeared sleepy and his eyes were watering and droopy.

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Prindle attempted to conduct a field sobriety test, noting Harrell had a “lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes,” but Harrell said he had injured his right knee so was unable to perform the walk and turn test.

Following a round of other tests, Prindle asked Harrell if he could search the vehicle. Harrell said yes. While searching the vehicle, Prindle found digital scales often used for weighing drugs.

As he began to question Harrell why the scales were in his vehicle, Harrell became figity and started fiddling in his left pockets. Officer Prindle became aware of this nervous energy and asked Harrell to empty his pockets. When emptying his pockets, Harrell placed a white piece of plastic with crystalline material. The test returned positive for methamphetamine.

Harrell was placed under arrest for DUI, failure to maintain lane, striking a fixed object, possession of methamphetamines, possession of drug related objects and driving too fast for conditions.