Decatur County Lions Club makes donations

Published 5:57 pm Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Decatur County Lions Club recently made donations to some of the organizations it supports throughout the year.

One local organization the club and ​its ​individual members support financially and through material donations is the Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society.  President Dennie Nichols updated Lions on the status of the existing shelter and plans for the much needed new shelter.  Club President Hardy Powell presented a check to Ms. Nichols, which she said will be designated for the new shelter.

One hundred and seventy-five stuffed toys were distributed among the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department, the Bainbridge Public Safety Department and ambulance service personnel for their use in giving them to young victims of traumatic events in the hope ​the toys​ will ​comfort them and ​ help alleviate some of their stress.  The project is entitled “Buford’s Bears” in memory of the late Buford White, a Lion who was an avid supporter of the program.  This was the second distribution of the bears during this fiscal year, and the club plans to make it an annual presentation.

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The Decatur County Lions Club makes donations throughout the year to its budgeted recipients and to others as needs arise.  The major fundraiser that enables the club to help worthy organizations and individuals is the twice yearly sale of Boston Butts.  The first sale is on Friday before Memorial Day, with the second on  Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  We encourage readers to be on the lookout for a Decatur County Lion​s Club member​ selling Boston Butt tickets when these holidays are near.