My first few weeks in Bainbridge have been very pleasant

Published 5:09 pm Friday, June 16, 2017

My first few weeks in Bainbridge have been pleasant, yet uneventful. I know in a town this size you can’t expect some society event every night or really a night out on the town for no good reason.

However, going to the Chamber’s 92nd Annual Awards Night gave me just the outing I needed. I love a good reason to get dressed up, do my hair and put on my good makeup… I’m a girl, need I say more? Cocktails, nice dresses, a band playing songs I know. I felt like my old self again, and I realized it may not be the college atmosphere I’m used to, but Bainbridge could certainly be a town that could be home to me. It has all the things that my old “homes” had and make me feel comfortable.

There’s an adorable café right down the street from work. In Savannah, a café was below the office I worked in and in Albany, Terry Lee’s Olde World Sandwhiches was right down the road. As cliché as it sounds, a café was a good sign I was where I belonged. Not only the café, but the people give me a warm feeling. I’ve already had times at work that seem laughable, just like I have in the past. Sometimes I wish my old mentor was here to ride shotgun and go cover stories with me again, but now I have a new mentor and someone, who will, I’m sure provide me with equally as many stories and laughs at the crazy situations journalists somehow get themselves into. 

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My publisher reminds me of my friend’s boyfriend and in some weird crazy way it seems right. I feel like I’ve  found a recognizable face in a sea of new ones, even if it isn’t him.

In the midst of losing the glitz and glam of a bigger city, I’ve found time to return to my favorite hobby of scrapbooking. I get to work on my lifetime of memories, while I’m making new ones, and it truly makes me feel more inspired. Speaking of inspiration, the down time gives me a chance to rewatch my favorite shows and write down ideas for my book/show I want to create.

For a small town, Bainbridge has renewed my sense of creativity in just a short few weeks. There’s no where I would rather craft and daydream in than my historic apartment in a place that allows budding dreamers to begin. While many of you have lived here your whole lives, I encourage you to sometimes just enjoy the peace and tranquility and look at the town through new eyes, young eyes who see this as a stop on the way to a dreamer’s paradise.