Archbold to open Bainbridge Primary care

Published 5:31 pm Friday, June 16, 2017

Archbold’s new primary care clinic is expected to be open this fall and will treat both adults and pediatric patients.

Archbold Medical Center has provided specialty care in Bainbridge for thirty years, making investments in personnel, buildings and technology to help ensure patients could stay as close to home for their care when possible.

Now they’re expanding the medical services available to serve the residents of Decatur County once again.

Archbold recently announced plans to open up their first primary care office in Bainbridge.

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“We’re very pleased to take this next step,” said Archbold President and CEO Perry Mustian.  “It’s the most recent of many investments we’ve made to expand care here.”

The new practice, aptly named Bainbridge Primary Care, will feature a familiar face.  Local physician Ryan Curran, MD, will join Archbold to become the first provider at the practice.

“I’m excited to continue to provide care in Bainbridge,” said Dr. Curran.  “I’ve developed relationships with my patients that I can continue to have, as well as provide seamless access to Archbold’s broad set of specialists when my patients need it.  So many of our patients receive advanced care at Archbold, and we’d like to continue that trend.  Archbold has also done so many things to support Memorial Hospital and this community, from providing services that are unavailable locally to helping Memorial Hospital provide other services locally. Bainbridge physicians and Thomasville physicians have good relationships.  This is a natural progression of this long-standing relationship, and one I know will be appreciated here.”

A temporary practice location as well as a future location is still being evaluated.

Bainbridge Primary Care will treat adults and pediatric patients, and most insurances will be accepted.

Archbold expects the clinic will open in late September or early October.

Mustian added, “For three decades, the residents of Decatur County have been great supporters of Archbold and our Bainbridge specialty clinics, and we’re honored they trust us and our outstanding physicians and clinicians with their care.  We look forward to continuing to provide high-quality care in Decatur County.”