Students succeed with MOWR program at BSC

Published 5:10 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2017

By: Susanne Reynolds

For a program that is new to Bainbridge State College and the state—there was uncertainty whether or not the Move on When Ready (MOWR) program would succeed. During the past four years, it has flourished and this year is no exception.

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The BSC graduating class included forty-six MOWR students who not only graduated with high school diplomas but also an Associate of Arts Degree from BSC.

High school students from Decatur, Grady, Seminole, Miller and Thomas Counties have all taken advantage of the MOWR program. Now that they have graduated high school, they are two years ahead of those who did not participate in the program.

Dr. Rodney Carr, Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs, applauded the students and program, “The MOWR program is truly changing the face of the first two years of college. The students are rising to meet to rigor in the classroom and are embracing the challenge.”

Brother and sister, Josh and Shelby Lane of Bainbridge, are two homeschooled students who took advantage of the MOWR opportunities.

Josh Lane was thrilled to have the opportunity to go to college while finishing his high school requirements.

“Being able to achieve something that normally people get at a later time was a very special thing for me,” he said. “I plan to move to a bigger city and work to start up my own business. I will definitely use the knowledge gained from BSC to use in my future advances. I will always be grateful to BSC and their MOWR program for giving me this opportunity.”

His sister, Shelby Lane, said she benefited from the MOWR program in more ways than she ever dreamed.

She stated, “I was able to graduate from high school and college with my AA in General Studies at the same time, while also being involved in college activities. I got the college experience while still at home. This accomplishment was a huge feat for more as I never thought I would have this opportunity. Without MOWR at BSC, I would not have been able to fulfill my dreams as quickly.”

Cairo High School graduate, Hannah Wilde of Cairo, explained how the program has had such a positive impact on her life. She started out as a shy junior not knowing what to expect or what to do, but as the weeks passed by, the shy students began to notice changes about herself.

“I started to talk more in class, which was something I never did,” Wilde explained. “I said ‘hello’ to people walking to class. I didn’t get nervous if I was ever called on in class. By my second semester, I had made friends with classmates and teachers. The MOWR program helped me tremendously with my academics, but it also helped me to grow up.”

One of the MOWR students is graduating with an Associates of Arts Degree even earlier. Joshua Moore of Baconton is a junior at Mitchell County High School. Even though he has not graduated from high school—he is a college graduate.

He commented that going through College Calculus was a challenge, but his professor at BSC helped and encouraged him.

“At first, it was difficult because I didn’t have the essentials as those who had already graduated high school,” Moore said. “But as I began taking the classes and even though I was so much younger, things began to make sense and I caught on quickly thanks to my professors.”

Moore also discussed the positive influence his mother has had on him throughout his college experience. According to him, she has always supported and encouraged him to be the best he can be.

He said, “She has always believed in my dreams even when others doubted me.”

Moore encourages others to take part in this opportunity. “I hope others will hear my story and it will inspire them. This accomplishment was not easy, but I would encourage others to take on the challenge. If you feel you are ready go for it. Anything worth having is hard work.”

For more information on the MOWR Program at Bainbridge State College, please contact Laura Brown at 229.243.3009,, or visit BSC online at