Letter to the Editor

Published 4:40 pm Tuesday, June 6, 2017

By: Sally Miller

hope everyone saw the raccoon picture in Wednesday’s Post-Searchlight, (opinion Page, 4a). Kudos to John Simpson, the photographer. The caption reads “A THEIF IN THE DAYLIGHT: A raccoon eats off a plate by the riverbanks in the daylight. The Spot is where residents commonly feed stray cats.”

So, does it bother anyone, that raccoons are getting pretty cozy in an area where many residents spend leisure time? A place where people walk their dogs every morning, a place to visit our Chamber of Commerce, a place where many go for quiet lunches? Not to mention the many family-oriented, community activities which take place at the Boat Basin.

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I can’t blame the raccoons—they’re opportunistic critters who quickly find available food. And I can’t blame the hungry cats, who were probably dumped by people who never got them neutered. And I don’t blame the residents that feed them, because their hearts go out to these helpless, helpless waifs.

I don’t want to blame anyone. I just want to help fix the problem!

Over six years ago, I organized Marley Memorial spay/neuter for cats—a low cost program for strays, feral and pet cats. Sometimes, it’s been a struggle to keep going, but close to 1,000 cats have been spayed and neutered.

Recently, I have also started a TNR (trap/neuter/return) program for the cats between the Post-Searchlight, down Water Street and to the river area. Believe me, its no small undertaking but Abraham, Esther, Ezekial, Meshach, Ruth and Daniel will have happier lives.

If you noticed that these cats all have Biblical names, it’s because of a program I started on Facebook. I invite anyone who would like to give their favorite Bible name to the next cat to PLEASE make a $20 donation to Port City Animal Hospital.

p.s. Francis, Jezebel and Joel are already taken and are next in line to be helped—as long as the funds hold.