Kirbo Center puts private events on hiatus

Published 4:49 pm Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bainbridge State College is hitting the pause button on holding events at the Kirbo Center, according to interim president Stuart Rayfield.

The hope is that the hiatus won’t last long, though. BSC is advertising for a job that will fill the need for a full-time manager of the Kirbo Center and its events. But in the absence of such a role, the Kirbo Center won’t be open for events.

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Rayfield expects everything to be back on track by July.

“By July 1 we will have someone in place and be working on renting it again,” Rayfield said. “Right now it’s not filled and it can’t be rented.”

Rayfield added that she understood the Kirbo Center was a community facility owned by the college, but temporarily pausing events while a full-time manager is hired will enable it to come back stronger.

“I think this will enable us to provide a lot better service to the community,” Rayfield said. “We are having pains now, but we will have it running at a higher level of service in the future.”