BSC student and professor presentation proposal accepted at Clute Institute

Published 2:42 pm Monday, June 5, 2017

Leanna Stephens of Iron City poses in Stockholm, Sweden before presenting her paper for the Clute Institute.

A Bainbridge State College Physics professor and an Honors’ student have been invited to The Clute Institute in Stockholm, Sweden to present a paper they co-authored.

Recently, Dr. Juan Gomez, Associate Professor of Math and Physics at Bainbridge State College, and Honors’ student, Leanna Stephens of Iron City, co-authored a physics paper that was accepted for presentation in Sweden at The Clute Institute for the 2017 International Conference on Education Stockholm. Their proposal was entitled, “A Numerical Study of the Effects on the Flight of a Baseball using Microsoft EXCEL.”

According to Stephens, she and her professor worked together to use formulas for projectile motion and placed it into Microsoft EXCEL to calculate the projection of a baseball when hit. They created it to show two graphs—one with air resistance and one without.

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She commented on how knowledgeable Dr. Gomez was throughout the research and encouraged her throughout the process.

“Dr. Gomez is a great professor and his door is always open for questions,” said Stephens. “He has helped to develop my interest in physics. His love and interest in physics definitely shines through in the way he carries himself and how excited he gets in class.”