McGee receives interest from Marshall University

Published 4:19 pm Friday, June 2, 2017

Thursday afternoon Football Elite tweeted that Marshall University offered 2018 Bainbridge High School wide receiver Zyon McGee a spot on their 2018 football team.

“Marshall is something different to me,” McGee said. “Receiving an offer from Marshall put me at ease from thinking about going to a good school. Right now Marshall is my top 3 choices for school and football on the next level.”

Along with Marshall, McGee currently has interests from Troy University, Georgia State and West Point.

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Coach Jeff Littleton said McGee has done the things necessary to spark coach’s interests. McGee is an A/B student, he has a passing score on the SAT, he does not have a discipline record and he created a resume for himself on film.

McGee is not making any decisions just yet. He said he plans to “stay humble and be patient.”

In the meantime, Coach Littleton said McGee will be attending summer camps so coaches can evaluate him. Littleton believes McGee will go impress the coaches on the field and show him the type of competitor he is.

Going from a large public high school to a smaller public university in downtown Huntington would be quite the change for McGee, but he is assured he is ready for that change.

“It’d be something new for me and something I’d have to adapt to, but I know there will be many changes and I’m okay with that,” McGee said.

While McGee has not committed anywhere yet, he is sure to wow the coaches this summer and this fall on the field.

The Bearcats open the 2017 season with a game against Lowndnes County on August 11.