Two BHS students score internship at Bainbridge Manufacturing

Published 7:53 pm Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ryan Whitaker has always been fascinated with space and wants to work for NASA one day.

Caitlin Shephard was inspired when she first saw wounded veterans with prosthetic limbs and wants to work in the biomechanics field.

Both will get their start in engineering this summer during an internship with Bainbridge Manufacturing.

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“They are the best of the best,” said Bainbridge Manufacturing CEO Abraham Levy. “I read their resumes and I’m very impressed. The important thing is they already know what they want to do. They are very focused on engineering. So hopefully we can contribute to their experience to become great engineers in the future.”

Whitaker and Shephard will get acquainted with industry-standard design software, learn how to use robotic machinery and live the whole manufacturing experience, said Levy. The two will be given projects throughout the summer and coached every step of the way.

“I’ve always loved space, so engineering helps me so I can work with space,” said Whitaker, who added he loved building with Legos growing up. “I’ve always loved to find out how things work.”

Whitaker will graduate from Bainbridge High next Thursday and will attend Georgia Tech in the fall to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering. He is an AP Scholar, an Eagle Scout and president of the Science Club.

Shephard is a junior, and hopes to also attend Georgia Tech. She is a member of the National Honor Society, won first place in the 2015 STEM Competition and has even developed a 3D printed prosthetic hand prototype. She said she is most excited to learn the CAD software programs used in the engineering field.

“And I want to see how the machines work, out of curiosity,” said Shephard.

She’ll definitely be doing that, and more, this summer.

Whitaker and Shephard are the second and third students from BHS to intern at the Bainbridge-based company. Last summer, Daniel Medrano became the first, and is now an employee.

Medrano said there was a lot to learn during his internship, and it took time and dedication.

“It was really great,” said Medrano. “I learned a lot in a very short amount of time. And I figured out that I really do like what I’m doing, and hopefully they’ll like it to once they learn all the processes we are going to be working with.”

The internship also comes at a special time for Bainbridge Manufacturing. Production is on schedule to begin this summer, and Whitaker and Shephard will have a front row learning experience as the process ramps up.