A very special Sunday

Published 5:23 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2017

young child asked her father a very simply question. “How did I get here?”

The father, not wanting to confuse the young child with biological facts and not quite ready to explain the birds and the bees retreated into safe territory and answered confidently, “The stork brought you.”

Although the young child probably did not know what a stork was, the answer seemed to satisfy her.

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We’ve moved passed that innocent explanation these days. The stork is hardly used anymore as the answer to the question, “How did I get here?”

Children seem to know, early in life, that they weren’t delivered to the doorstep by a funny looking bird with a long beak and even longer legs. Today’s children don’t know all the wonderful and tall tales they are missing these days.

I will admit that a child’s imagination can be delighted by the explanation of being delivered in a diaper by a stork. But once the child realizes that Momma can do a whole lot more in the way of love and comfort than a bird, they will recognize the superiority of God’s way over the awkward and funny explanation of an unprepared father’s answer.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, I’d like to offer a few things that a momma can do that a stork couldn’t. The list is short, not meant to be exhaustive and I am sure you could add to it.

A stork could never nourish and nurture a child in loving and tender arms like a really instinctive mother.

Storks don’t know how to take a scraped and bleeding elbow and make it feel better with just a wet rag and a kiss.

Storks could never work hard all day in a pressurized job and, then, rush to get a daughter to dance or a son to ball practice.

Storks don’t know how to brush morning hair with patience or know that tangled hair is not straightened by strength, but by tenderness.

Storks can’t cook or wash clothes or clean bathrooms.

Storks can’t hear the voice of their child and know that something is wrong even when the child

There’s a million things in the lifetime of a child that a stork doesn’t know. It’s not their fault, either. They’re just the innocent, quick and easy answer to a long and difficult question of “How did I get here.”

We weren’t brought by a stork; we were birthed by a mother. She carried us in a cradle on the inside of her until the time came for us to enter a pretty tough world. A mother knows it’s a tough world. Chances are she has paid her dues to it. God gave her to us so that we might have it a little easier; especially in the beginning.

This Sunday we celebrate one of the few holidays worthy of all the hoopla we Americans are fond of when it comes to holidays. There will be billions of roses bought and sent, millions of beautiful cards sold, and millions of phone calls made to that special one who brought us into this world.

Mothers are worth every bit of the expense and effort we make to show our love and appreciation. It’s a fact. Everyone has a mother and I hope your mother has enriched your life and blessed you as much as mine. Whether she is still with you or has gone on to Glory, take the time to tell that precious momma just how much you love her. She deserves it!