Customers connected to new Point Broadband internet

Published 7:51 pm Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Point Broadband, the internet network formerly known as Turner Broadband, transitioned 50 customers Tuesday to a new system that promises faster, more reliable connections to it users in Decatur County.

Jason Gauntt, COO of Point Broadband, told the Decatur County Board of Commissioners that upgraded equipment was being installed on towers across the county, and that a fully functioning broadband network will be up and running in 45-60 days.

“There are roughly 13 towers,” Gauntt said. “We have converted all of the towers but four over to new equipment. That doesn’t mean we have transitioned customers over to the new towers. We are doing it in a phased rollout, and what that means is we are fixing one part of the network, and we are moving to the second part of the network, and then starting the transitioning of customers.”

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It takes about three days for Point Broadband to fully update a tower. Customers currently on the new network are receiving a small flow of data.

Point Broadband is having to juggle keeping the old Turner Broadband system running for customers that have yet to be transitioned and the Point Broadband system for the new customers. Unfortunately, the new system cannot work at full power until the old system is completely shut down.

“The network is coming along, and it has been a slow process, but we’re certain, once we finish in that 45-day window, we will offer the fast, reliable internet that the great folks of Decatur County deserve,” Gauntt said.

Gauntt expects another hundred customers on the new system within the next two weeks.

Point Broadband is currently focusing on offering broadband service to areas with the existing network, but plans for other areas of Decatur County that have a need for the connection will be pursued.

An agreement between Turner Broadband, owned and operated by Shane Turner, and Point Broadband was reached in February. Gauntt said customers around Decatur County will begin to see marketing initiatives and a strong community presence.

Point Broadband was formed through ITC Capital Partners, LLC in West Point, Georgia, has plans to launch services across three states. ITC Capital Partners has 130 years of experience in the telecommunications field, and both Gauntt and Turner are confident the new services will be competitive and affordable.