Home-grown talent benefits Bainbridge community

Published 5:46 pm Friday, April 21, 2017

By Don Robinson, M.D.

Special to The Post-Searchlight

Our teachers often get frustrated, wondering how much good they are doing with the kids.  Well, teachers, keep it up.  Sometimes it all works out!  Take the story of Christy Curry.

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Christy has taken her time, developed her education, and now she has come home to help her community!  Christy is beginning her practice as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with Memorial Hospital.  She will be caring for our kids and youth!  She has joined a staff of four physicians and another Nurse Practitioner at Memorial Pediatrics. 

Christy tells us that it all started for her here in Decatur County at Memorial Hospital, where she was born.  She was educated in the public schools here, graduating from Bainbridge High School.  After high school she spent time in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  All that time spent indoors, avoiding the snow and wind, was put to good use.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Presentation College in 2009.   

Once she had returned from South Dakota to Bainbridge, and thawed out, she began working as a nurse at Memorial.  Christy worked on the Med/Surg unit and in ICU from 2010 to 2016.  Again, she was to put her time to good use, working on her Master’s Degree as a Nurse Practitioner from South University in Savannah. 

Now, the call of service has led her to join Memorial Pediatrics to begin her practice as a Nurse Practitioner.  Ms. Curry let me know that she is in Bainbridge to stay.  She tells me she was raised here and her family lives in this area.  She and her husband David are raising her three children here; Nick 18, Lily 13, and Addyson 10.  She is striving to provide her children the same experiences that she benefitted from. 

Christy feels a calling.  That calling took definition when she worked with Dr. Winston Price, who as preceptor, helped Christy develop her passion for child health care.  She feels a need to be a healthy influence for the children and youth of Decatur County and our region. 

She will be working with the entire staff at Memorial Pediatrics, but primarily she is teaming up with Dr. Matthew Buck to address common challenges that face our kids.  Dr. Buck has earned her respect and Christy has a lot of confidence in his clinical care.  She notes the challenges they face.  First, she is concerned over the epidemic of obesity that has the potential to shorten the lives of our kids as they grow into adults.  She wants to be useful as a positive influence, acting while there is still time before childhood tendencies become permanent adult lifestyles.  As well, she wants to be a proponent of immunization, realizing that those who decline immunizations put siblings and other children at concerning risk.  Additionally, she wants to facilitate connections and insure that children with special needs get the care that would benefit them.

Notably, Christy has a calling at home similar to her calling at work.  She tries to make sure that she and her husband, David, always sit down around the table with the children for an evening meal. 

In her spare time, (does a mother of three have spare time?), Christy enjoys the outdoors.  She was raised by two families of fishermen and has enjoyed fishing and camping since she was a little girl.  She knows this area and she knows what it is like to be raised here. 

Now she has the joy of sharing that.  Really, it is all about those home-grown values!  Ms. Curry’s values are those that we take pride in here in Decatur County: family, service, outdoors, and community improvement. 

Thanks for coming home, Christy!  We need you, your caring, and your talents!