City to flush out fire hydrants for cleaner water for customers

Published 9:26 pm Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More than 870 fire hydrants around the City of Bainbridge will be tested starting next Monday to ensure clean water around the city.

Bainbridge Public Safety fire chief Doyle Welch will lead a two to three-month endeavor to test each individual fire hydrant.

Workers will clean any sediment and buildup in the fire hydrants and perform preventative maintenance to keep additional sediment from getting in.

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“We’ll put a new lubricant on the threads that is food grade,” Welch said. “We flush the systems, get the old sediment out of the pipes.”

Welch said most of the city is using PVC pipes, so those residencies won’t notice any of the work being done. However, older parts of Bainbridge using iron pipes might notice some discoloration in the water from the sediment built up.

Letting the water run for five to 10 minutes will be enough to wash it out, Welch said. If it does not clear up, call (229) 248-2014 for assistance.

“We want to ensure we have good quality water and get that sediment out of our pipes,” Welch said. “If it gets in the fire pumps, it can tear them up.”

Flushing out the fire hydrant system is an annual process for the City of Bainbridge.