Grimsley Pharmacy to change ownership in May

Published 6:31 pm Friday, April 14, 2017

Thursday, April 13, ushered in a new era for Grimsley Pharmacy Center. It was the first day that pharmacist Randy Logue began working for owner Johnny Grimsley.

As Randy puts it, “I will be working for Johnny until May 1. Then I will become the owner of the pharmacy, and Johnny will begin working for me.” The two have been discussing the sale for a couple of months, and both are amazed at how they were always on the same wavelength.

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They are excited about the change. It will give Johnny some time to relax. “At some point you need to step back a bit.” Randy said he has always wanted to own his own pharmacy.

The pharmacy has a long history in Bainbridge and the state of Georgia. It was first opened in 1922 by Johnny’s Grandfather, John U. Grimsley Sr. It was located on Water Street on the North side of the square.

John U. Grimsley Jr., took it over in 1951 and John U. Grimsley III (Johnny) assumed ownership in 1970, moving it to its current location, 1508 E. Evans Street, in 1973. It has been the oldest family owned pharmacy in the state.

Johnny declares it has been a wonderful ride, and he plans to stay around, as he still loves to meet and serve the people. “Randy will bring new fresh blood,” he added.

Randy is a Decatur County native who graduated in 2006 from Mercer Southern School of Pharmacy, worked one year for Tuxedo Pharmacy in Atlanta. In 2007 he moved home and has worked for the last 10 years with Edward Reynolds at Bainbridge Pharmacy.

Randy and his wife Haley have two boys, Ryan, 10 and Caleb, 9.

“It has always been my dream to own my own pharmacy,” he said, and indicated that although he plans to make some technology changes, his main focus will be to continue taking care of patients—even caring for the patient beyond the prescription.

One change planned that the patients should welcome is the introduction of compliance packaging, a way of placing the patient’s monthly prescriptions in daily compartments. This helps the patient remember to take the medication at the prescribed time.

Johnny said the pharmacy has been running on a skeleton staff for a while. It currently employs Matt Barber and John Huggins, and it is expected that additional help will be added in time.

Oh, and yes, there will still be early morning coffee klatches, for which they have become known.