The greatest day in history

Published 4:48 pm Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It’s the middle days of the greatest week in history and in just a few we will celebrate the greatest day in history. Of course I am referring to what we call Holy Week and its climax, Easter Sunday. That’s the day when we recognize and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

To call any week or day “the greatest” is subjective. What is greatest to me might be of no significance to anyone else. I’m fairly certain you consider your birthdate a greater day than mine.

With all of the subjectivity that comes with calling one specific day the greatest day in history, how could I be so confident that the original day when God raised His Son from that tomb is the greatest?

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Confidence comes because of faith. I did not witness the first Easter Sunday, but I believe it. When considering the resurrection, only two actually experienced it personally.

There were witnesses that the tomb was empty, but that was post-resurrection. The actual miracle had already happened and the raising of Jesus was between God’s Son and God and those two only. So, I have to be faithful when considering the event. I have to believe that it happened. And I do.

Billions of people throughout the history of the world have had and have the same Easter faith as I do, so, in that way, I’m not any different than billions of others and perhaps you.

What about those who don’t believe? They would have all the right in the world to say that my greatest day in history didn’t even happen.

I’m a believer in Easter, but I am also a believer that every person has their own opportunity to believe or not.

However, there are some things that, whether you believe them or not, still happened! Someone was telling me the other day that he knew of people who did not believe that the United States of America had sent astronauts to the moon. It’s not as important as my faith in God, but I have faith that Alan Shepherd actually landed on the moon.

The greatest day in history had to have affected many people. I return to the example of my birthdate. It’s a great day to me for it’s the day I was born. I share that great day with many, but not with everyone.

The day that I am calling the greatest was meant for everyone who has ever lived. If that is true, and I believe it is, then the one event that is available to “whosoever will believe” has to be called the greatest opportunity and it happened on the greatest day. Easter Sunday is available to everyone.

Remember, I’m not saying everyone believes in Easter Sunday; just that, in my opinion, it was a gift from God to all who would believe.

For me and all who will believe, the earthly man called Jesus was the Anointed One, the Christ. He came for the forgiveness of sin and to bring eternal life to all who would have faith in Him for those purposes. Christ Jesus also died a real death on a Roman cross. That wasn’t the end for Him.

On the greatest day in history, God raised His Son from the death of that tomb. He was raised to never die again. Because He lives, we can face tomorrow without fear.

We don’t always live like that. We have our challenges, but all can be met with the blessed assurance that on the greatest day in history God showed us the Way. Happy Easter.