Superintendent Cochran reviews ESPLOST

Published 4:33 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Decatur County School Superintendent Tim Cochran updated the Bainbridge Lions Club Wednesday on the upcoming benefits of the ESPLOST one cent sales tax for new facilities that was passed last Tuesday.

“Two million dollars of the ESPLOST funds will go toward retiring some of the debt of that came building Bainbridge High School. There was also a $364,000 grant for computers and technology. Some funds will also be used for building improvements.”

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Cochran said that high school debt bonds will continue to be paid off through future ESPLOSTs.

Cochran said he really does not know what to expect in national education, especially with new national education director Betsy DeBos who is an advocate of both public and private schools.

“I have nothing against private schools but they will tell you that they will not turn any student away, In reality, however, they do have quotas, I firmly believe that our administrators and teachers  can stack up with their counterparts anywhere in Georgia.”