Gymnastacats medal at Thomasville meet

Published 1:17 pm Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gymnast-a-Cats start the year off strong with levels Bronze and Gold dominating first at Rose City Invitational in Thomasville YMCA.

        Kaitlyn Bennett, Emily Engram, and Kara Overman took first in All-Around in each of their age divisions for level Bronze. Aubrey Phillips coming in a close second to Kara by only .325 of a point difference. With these astonishing scores the girls came in first for their Bronze team!

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        Anniston Brown holds her own with a first place All-Around score of 36.000 in her age group. Dhara Patel close behind with second. Anna Claire Mock, in her age division with Beth Nunnery, came in a very competitive second and Beth came in a close third. These cats came in an impressive second place for the Silver team!

        Level Gold came for blood when 4 out of 9 girls got first in their age groups. These competitive girls are: Bansi Patel, Bailey Nunnery, Averie Barbree, and Maloree Inlow. However, these girls had their teammates hot on their tail to lock in a place for their win as a team! Competing with Bansi, in the same age division, was Emma Foster and Lauren Godwin. Emma came in third and Lauren came in fourth. Bailey Nunnery had the dauntless competition of Ashna Vickers, second, and Maggie Palmer, third. Coming in behind Averie was Ashton Landrum getting second All-Around in their division. Maloree Inlow swept the floor with a first All-Around in her own division.

        Emily Chambers, Platinum, came in first All-Around and got the award for the highest Platinum All-Around (AA) score of her division as well as Kara Overman for level Bronze and Averie Barbree for level Gold!

        This is the Gymnasts’ first Optional Level competition of the season and later competed in Macon at the Disco Invitational, with a total of 95 metals won throughout the entire team. These two meets sealed their fate of going to state! Bronze will be competing on April 28th in Dahlonega, GA. On May 6th, Silver, Gold, and Platinum will compete in Roswell, GA. Congratulations Gymnast-a-Cats!