Point Broadband completes merger with Turner, plans underway to begin service

Published 9:06 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Point Broadband, the newly formed company partnering with Turner Broadband, updated the Decatur County Board of Commissioners Tuesday with specifics on the internet service they will provide.

An agreement between Turner and Point Broadband was reached last week. With the partnership formalized, COO Jason Gauntt said customers around Decatur County will begin to see marketing initiatives and a strong community presence.

“Our involvement in the community starts now,” Gauntt said. “We will be reaching out to the chamber, and we will be participating in the functions of the county. You will see Point Broadband signs start appearing. You will start seeing marketing efforts.”

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Todd Holt, CEO of Point Broadband, said there were three main factors to the business model they developed after eight months of research across the network’s markets in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

“We have traveled the three-state region talking to small business owners, city leaders and residential consumers,” Holt said.

There will be no contracts for Point Broadband customers, according to Holt.

“If somebody believes we are not living up to our standards, we believe they should be able to fire us,” Holt said.

The second was that there would be no data caps. Customers will be able to use unlimited internet, regardless of which plan they choose. Launch speeds will offer plans of 10-20 megabytes per second (mbps) and more, but business plans will deliver up to a gigabyte per second, all with no data cap.

Holt’s third point is there will be one price that includes a modem, a router, an installation fee and broadband service.

“We just don’t want all the nickel and diming, so we simplified it and said one number, that’s the bill, and it includes your modem and router,” Holt said. “So we are trying to keep it simple, listen to consumers.”

The pricing structure is sill be hammered out. Lower priced plans are expected to be in the $50-$60 range, with faster service climbing as high as $90.

“No contracts, no data caps,” Gauntt said. “We want you to use our internet as much as you want without going over your data usage.”

To learn more, visit point-broadband.com.