Good people still exist

Published 4:37 pm Friday, February 24, 2017

We all hear more than enough bad news everyday—bombings, accidents, and an endless list of horrific events taking place all around the globe.  Bad news seems to garner the spotlight, while the reporting of good things too often falls off the radar without being given the attention that it deserves.  It is refreshing when we hear or experience something good; I was blessed with a firsthand reminder just a few days ago that good people still exist and they still do good things for others.

I have driven more miles than I can count in the many years of being involved in hospice service, and in those miles and years I have only been stranded on the road a couple of times.  One occurrence took place several years ago when an engine pulley on my car locked up and broke the engine belt.  The other one was very recently when I ran over something in the road, resulting in a flat tire.  Interestingly, both events were in the same general area, near Arlington.

As I traveled along the other day, planning to make one more visit before I headed home, everything was going fine—until I heard a noise that indicated that I ran over something.  Within seconds the dreaded sound of a deflated tire could be heard and felt.

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After driving to a safe place off the road, I started pulling junk out of the trunk until I was finally able to access the spare tire and jack.  I could tell that the little doughnut tire was not completely pumped up, but I hoped for the best.  Before I got the car jacked up enough to remove the flat tire, a gentleman whom I had never seen before pulled up and offered a helping hand.  A welcome sight indeed! 

After a bit of a struggle with one of the lug nuts, we finally got the spare on.  But the adventure was far from over—as we let the car down and as rubber touched the ground, the spare did not have enough air to support the weight; a flat spare is not a welcome sight.

The kind gentleman went to his house and brought back an air tank that supplied enough air to allow me to drive to his house down the road where he properly inflated the spare allowing me to continue on my way.  He would accept no money for all his trouble.  Kindness just seemed to be something he enjoyed giving.

Those kinds of stories are rarely heard about on the news.  While it might sound like a small thing to get help while stranded on the side of the road, when you are the one in need of help it is a big deal.  I am most grateful that good people still exist.

During His discourse that we commonly refer to as the Sermon on the Mount, Christ included this reminder to His followers:  “You are the light of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14, New International Version).  He goes on in verse 16 and directs us to render good to others so that God will be honored:  “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.”

Good people still exist and they still do good things for others without expecting anything in return.  Have you done something good lately? 

Look for opportunities to let your light shine for the glory of God as you reach out to others in need—maybe to someone you do not even know.