Bainbridge AFJRTOC ‘exceeds standards’ at Headquarters Inspection

Published 6:15 pm Friday, February 17, 2017

Bainbridge High School AFJROTC earned “Exceeds Standards” rating during Headquarters Inspection.

Bainbridge High School AFJROTC Instructors and Cadets have been extremely busy preparing for a Headquarters Air Force JROTC inspection.  Every 3 to 4 years, every AFJROTC unit receives an inspection to ensure the programs are meeting standards in School Administration, Instructor Performance, Equipment Management, Co-Curricular Activities, Cadet Operations, Unit Operations, and Director’s Special Interest Items.  Mrs. Betty Maldonado from AFJROTC Headquarters, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama conducted a thorough review of the Bainbridge High School AFJROTC program.

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The inspection day began with the Cadet Staff meeting with Mrs. Maldonado and giving the Unit Mission Brief.  The Cadets informed the inspector of all the activities that the AFJROTC program has been involved in, as well as, the unit’s future goals.  Next, the Cadets conducted a Mass Formation Inspection, where all the Cadets were evaluated by the inspector.  A team of 10 cadets then performed a 30-step drill sequence that Mrs. Maldonado stated was the best she had seen.  The Instructor staff, Lieutenant Colonel Dave Stewart and Senior Master Sergeant Scott Morehouse, was then evaluated on their abilities to teach the various AFJROTC curriculum items. 

Mrs. Maldonado had the following comments regarding the Bainbridge High School AFJROTC Program, Cadets, and Staff:       

“The cadets are highly motivated and are always looking for ways to improve their program.  They are encouraged by the instructor team to challenge themselves to be the best and to implement different ideas in their corps.  Cadets are active in drill and have a rich tradition of drill team success.  Many trophies adorn the AFJROTC facility and school hallways.  The cadets are running “their” corps and are pretty proud of it.  A lot of cadet mentorship and hard work is going on in this corps.”

“The Unit Evaluation was a success!  This unit deserved the Exceeds rating they received.  The leadership transfer from the instructors to the cadets really took hold.  Overall, this is a very strong cadet corps with great instructors and good support from the administration. All the cadets know that the corps is their responsibility and they “make” the corps what it is.”

The “Exceeds Standards” rating is the highest rating that an AFJROTC program can earn.  This rating is coupled with the end of year program rating.  The Bainbridge High School AFJROTC has earned 12 Distinguished Unit Awards and 2 Outstanding Unit Awards.  This inspection rating means that the unit has a chance to earn a Distinguished Unit with Merit or an Outstanding Unit with Merit. 

The AFJROTC program is well on its way to earning the Distinguished Unit with Merit.  However, the program needs about 300 more volunteer hours to earn this rating.  The AFJROTC program is looking for opportunities that they can earn these extra hours. 

Organizations needing some volunteers can contact the Bainbridge High School AFJROTC program at 229-248-2268.