An Albumen sandwich

Published 5:23 pm Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy. That is just another way of saying some of us just don’t want to change some things! Also known as stubbornness.

Like what we eat. Healthy foods have been suggested for decades, but it’s like old clothes. Just keep those old shirts or pants; they’ll come back in style one day.

Don’t eat bacon. Don’t eat too many eggs. Don’t eat red meat. Don’t drink whole milk. Don’t eat white bread. All these “don’ts.” What’s life worth, if one can’t have an egg sandwich fried in bacon grease and placed between two pieces of white bread? And the bread slathered with real mayonnaise.

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Today, I’m down in Panama City Beach for a few days and, as I do when I’m down here, I go to the nearest Panera Bread shop and begin my morning with a cup of coffee and use their free Wi-Fi. I like to read the news of who is in trouble today. I promise you, it’s somebody!

I saw a picture of a beautiful sandwich. “Egg whites, Vermont white cheddar, avocado, spinach, vine-ripened tomato, salt and pepper on a Sprouted Grain Bagel flat.” It’s a part of their Power Sandwich menu. I’m sure it has been well researched, health-wise, and taste-tested among their elite clientele.

To be honest, it just didn’t float my boat and it began with the egg whites. I looked up egg whites and found the scientific name is albumen. Albumen is the clear liquid part of the egg. The other part is the yolk, but you knew that.

According to food companies that sell egg white products, albumen equals good, while the yolk equals bad.

Anyone with half a brain would know that it’s healthier to eat egg whites without the yolk. Since, I have a whole brain, I disagree.

Before anyone accuses me of being judgmental (imagine that), let me say that I love the “different strokes for different folks” approach to life. Everyone to his or her own way of thinking is what I say.

When it comes to eating, we are most stubborn. We like what we like and it’s hard to convince us of trying something new or different. Even if it is better for us.

My daughter, who lives in Syracuse, is a good wife and mother and tries to serve her family good and tasty meals. She works as a teacher and has to plan ahead for time and convenience so she uses her crock pot and easy-to-make recipes. Like a nice pot roast in a crock pot with potatoes, carrots, and onions.

Sounds great to me, but her son, my grandson, is “set” on eating differently. Despite having that great meal of pot roast (and is there any greater meal than a good pot roast), Cam would rather eat a can of ravioli.

I think he is missing a great meal. Some people might tell me that I am missing out on a good sandwich when I turn my nose up at a great power sandwich like egg whites, avocado, and spinach on a Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat. Be that as it may.

Let me ask you. Which would you rather have? An egg fried in bacon grease and placed between two pieces of loaded up with mayonnaise white bread or one made of albumen on a bagel?

The great patriot Patrick Henry once said, “I know not what you want to eat, but as for me, give me the whole egg or give me death!” Or something like that.