Bainbridge Public Safety holds annual awards banquet, recognizes service

Published 6:28 pm Friday, February 10, 2017

On Tuesday evening, Bainbridge Public Safety held its annual awards banquet. The following awards were given by Director Jerry Carter and Deputy Director Frank Green:

YEARS OF SERVICE – 2 YEARS: PSO Joshua Glover, PSO Chris Hill, Engineer Michael Jenkins, and PSO Jessica Richardson

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YEARS OF SERVICE – 5 YEARS: Sergeant Tim McCain, Sergeant Tim Mixon, and Investigator Chris Avery (Not Pictured)

YEARS OF SERVICE – 20 YEARS: Captain Ryan Wimberley

FIELD TRAINING OFFICER PIN:  Officer Chris Hill (Not Pictured)

TOP GUN AWARD – Investigator Mark Esquivel – Investigator Esquivel’s scores at the most recent department firing range exercise qualified him to be the recipient of this award.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE COMMENDATION: Engineer Michael Jenkins, Investigator Chris Jordan, and PSO Jessica Richardson.

ENGINEER MICHAEL JENKINS is an asset to his shift as well as the City of Bainbridge.  His is dedicated and his integrity is beyond reproach.  He can be called anytime, and he will drop what he is doing to assist in any way he can.  His positive outlook, motivation, and can-do attitude merit his recognition for this award.

As the leading case officer in the 2016 drug bust entitled “Operation Crack Down,” INVESTIGATOR CHRIS JORDAN was responsible for the arrest of more than twenty defendants.  His investigative skills, dedication, and professionalism, combined with the efforts of other law enforcement staff, not only brought great honor to BPS and Investigator Jordan, but also furthered the safety of our community and citizens.

PSO JESSICA RICHARDSON has performed as a dedicated and devoted member of her shift.  She demonstrates superior professionalism in every way, and exhibits a positive attitude at all times.  When faced with challenges, she gently but firmly takes control and leads the way using proper protocol to resolve conflict.  Richardson is a tremendous asset, and deserves to be recognized for the hard work she puts forth.

LIFE SAVING COMMENDATION:  Investigator Chris Avery, Captain Terry Pait, Engineer Christian Rich, and PSO Jessica Richardson – PSO JESSICA RICHARDSON, ENGINEER CHRISTIAN RICH, CAPTAIN TERRY PAIT, and INVESTIGATOR CHRIS AVERY were dispatched to a scene requiring CPR.  The patient was stabilized, and transferred to a care center in Macon, GA.  The teamwork required for this call, as well as the professionalism displayed, greatly honored the department.  With officers like this, it makes the city and police department a proud place to be employed.

MEDAL OF HONOR COMMENDATION: PSO Leroy Akins – In addition to all of the outstanding daily work that Officer Akins does while on duty, he also carries that mentality with him off duty. In July, while off duty, Officer Akins came upon an accident scene that contained several injured people. Without hesitation, but at the risk of being hurt in a possible vehicle fire, Officer Akins relied on his training and personal conviction to render first aid to all parties involved until emergency units could arrive. Victims were treated for their injuries, and miraculously, even though Life Flight was called to transport one of the badly injured occupants, no one was killed.

MEDAL OF VALOR COMMENDATION: Investigator Chip Nix (Not Pictured) – On Thursday, March 21, 2016, Investigator Chip Nix was contacted by a woman involved in a domestic dispute with her husband.  During the course of this dispute, the woman was doused in gasoline by her husband.  Upon later contact with law enforcement officers, the husband pointed a crossbow loaded with an arrow at another unarmed civilian at the scene.  At that point, Investigator Nix told the defendant to put the weapon down.  As the defendant turned towards Investigator Nis, he grabbed the crossbow from the defendant and forced the weapon to discharge harmlessly into the air.  Due to Investigator Nis’s brave actions, no one was injured at the scene, and the defendant was able to be taken successfully into custody.

DIRECTOR’S COMMENDATION OF MERIT: PSO Davina Thomas, PSO Joshua Glover, Engineer Michael Jenkins, PSO Jayson Myers –

There are few people who bring such a positive and admirable presence to our department. ENGINEER MICHAEL JENKINS demonstrates a willingness to work, help, and participate in all duties that we find ourselves involved with on a daily basis. He is quick to smile, slow to anger, always available to help, dedicated, and enthusiastic, not only about fire service, but also his desire to join the ranks of law enforcement. He brings so many positive things to the department.

Awarded to PSO JOSHUA GLOVER for handling each emergency with uncompromisable competence and integrity, and for being the steady voice in a storm.  He used courage and compassion, and provides a meaningful service to the citizens of Bainbridge.

Awarded to PSO DAVINA THOMAS for her loyalty, professionalism, and commitment to the success of Bainbridge Public Safety. Her hard work and dedication are appreciated.

During his service at Bainbridge Public Safety, PSO JAYSON MYERS has shown exemplary dedication to the department. For his hard work in keeping the streets of Bainbridge safe from drunk and impaired drivers, he has received an award from “Mothers Against Drunk Driving.” In addition, he has become a go-to FTO because of the quality of his work, as well as his attention to detail when working with new officers and firefighters. Officer Myers continues to make a large number of quality cases including numerous felon drug arrests. From the start of his heft until then end of the day, PSO Myers gives 100% to Bainbridge Public Safety.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: PSO Raymond Day – In his short tenure as an officer, PSO Day has already begun to assist his fellow officers with performing their assigned duties. He also completes his assignments in an efficient and timely manner, and does so without complaint or reservation. Officer Day accepts any mission or duty that his is assigned. He is courteous, polite, professional, loyal, and he possesses a level of integrity that is beyond reproach.

Officer Day demonstrates patience in these situations, and is well liked by his fellow officers. In addition, his experience as a firefighter and medical/EMS technician frequently benefits the department and citizens during calls. All the aforementioned attributes represent both a maturity and dedication to his profession that perfectly epitomize the title of “Rookie of the Year.”

PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICER OF THE YEAR: Sergeant Tim Mixon – The Officer of the Year award is given annually to the officer who embodies a high moral character and demonstrates exemplary performance in all areas of police work, and more importantly, strives to help the community in which he serves to grow and flourish. Sergeant Mixon gives more of himself than asked, and often makes sacrifices to benefit the greater good without expectation of acknowledgment. Sergeant Mixon embodies every aspect of this award. Throughout his career with the department, on a daily basis he has demonstrated what it means to be an officer: integrity, strong work ethic, professionalism, and dedication to duty and service.

In every aspect of his career, Sergeant Mixon goes above and beyond dedicating his time and patience to solving crimes, communicating intelligence to co-workers, and other law enforcement officers. His dedication to his work is surpassed only by his generosity to the citizens of Bainbridge.