There is great value in teamwork

Published 4:46 pm Friday, February 3, 2017

did a quick computer search regarding the upcoming Super Bowl and found some headlines for people like me who are illiterate on such matters:  “Where is 2017 Super Bowl:  Location, time, date for Patriots vs. Falcons” followed by “Here’s all the details you need to know to get ready for Super Bowl LI.”

Sounds like just the information I need, if only I were interested enough to take time to read the article and educate myself on this annual clash between a bunch of grown men chasing an inflated ball (and they have to be sure to inflate it just right so nobody gets an unfair advantage over the opponent!).  This is not the first time that I have admitted that football on television means very little to me and if every game got cancelled somebody would have to tell me before I would even notice.

Although I am quite limited in my knowledge of football, I know one thing to be true—if a team ever expects to win it will require a lot of team effort.  If only one person tried to go it alone it would lead to quick disaster; it takes the entire team working together for a common purpose in order to achieve victory.

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God expects His people to work together so that we can accomplish His plan for our lives and His Church.  When we work together as a team we are functioning the way that He intends for us to.  Among the things that we work toward this year, we would be wise to include the desire to work together harmoniously in our service for God. 

We must never forget that unity builds up, but discord and division tears down.

In the Old Testament, God used Moses as one of His great leaders.  As Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt and on their journey to the Promised Land, he found himself stretched to the limit as he tried to hear the disputes and needs of the people so that he could settle matters between them.  But his father-in-law–Jethro—offered him some powerful wisdom that would make his life easier and the hearts of the people happier.

There is no shortage of jokes that have been told about in-laws, especially mothers-in-law, nevertheless, Moses’ father-in-law proved to be a tremendous asset to Moses as he offered some practical advice that was priceless.  It was of such value that we can still use it today.

One valuable bit of advice that Jethro gave Moses was that one person cannot do all things.  He was bold and blunt enough to tell Moses that “What you are doing is not good. You and these people who come to you will only wear yourselves out.  The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone” (Exodus 18:17-18, New International Version).  That must have had a bite to it for Moses, but he was wise enough to hear what was being submitted to him.

Jethro not only identified a problem, he also offered a remedy as he instructed Moses on how to divide the workload  with others so that the needs of the people were met and Moses was not overwhelmed with the demands of the people. 

Jethro helped his son-in-law appreciate the great value that is found in teamwork, and Moses acted on  what he was told:  “Moses listened to his father-in-law and did everything he said” (verse 24).

This year let’s have a determination to work together as a team while we do God’s work.  Regardless of how individually talented we are, it takes us working together to accomplish what God has called us to do.