Dispute turns into multiple shootouts over two days

Published 7:09 pm Friday, January 27, 2017

A disagreement between two men has turned into a public safety hazard after one of the parties opened fire on the other’s car Thursday afternoon on Water Street. Bainbridge Public Safety received an anonymous call around 2:40 p.m. on Thursday that the caller had “heard eight gun shots and saw a gray in color vehicle with a sticker on the back leaving the scene.”

The caller refused to provide any additional information, but during the course of the investigation officers were given the nicknames of the two individuals allegedly involved in the shooting.

“We went out and nobody really wanted to cooperate, but we did get two nicknames,” BPS investigator Chip Nix said. “When we started investigating the nicknames, we ran one of them down.”

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BPS tracked down Derrious Taylor hiding in an upstairs apartment at Hutto McGiver apartments.

Once they made contact with him, Taylor told BPS that he was the one that was being shot at and alleged that Aaron Jones was the shooter.

“We released [Taylor], we didn’t really have anything to hold him,” Nix said. “We didn’t have any corroborating evidence that he was lying to us.”

The incident continued on Friday when BPS received another call of a shooting allegedly occurring between Taylor and Jones.

“We get another call over to [Taylor’s] girlfriend’s,” Nix said of Friday’s events. “Her car door had a bullet hole in it and they said that they had been shot at again. So we went looking for [Jones] again.”

While they were searching for Jones, they received another anonymous tip that Taylor was driving down Broughton Street shooting a gun into the air.

“We followed him and stopped him,” Nix said. “There was no gun, but [Taylor] had a suspended license so we arrested him on that trying to defuse the situation between these two guys. Whatever they have going on has now become a public concern and issue.”

The case is still under investigation, but Nix said that witness statements saying that the shooter was in a black car and the victim was in a silver one, backs up Taylor’s story that he was the victim in the original shooting.

“I know that whoever was in the black car, who according to Taylor was Aaron Jones, was shooting at Taylor because we know Taylor was in a silver car,” Nix said.

BPS officers are still searching for Jones.

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