Incident reports and arrests

Published 5:42 pm Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bainbridge Public Safety incident reports Jan. 14-17.


Shoplifting reported on the 500 block of East Alice St.

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Bainbridge Public Safety arrests Jan. 14-17.


Leonard Borders Jr., 26, Theft by shoplifting ($1,895)

Frizell Crump, 37, Speeding ($707), driving while license suspended or revoked ($775)

Brigette Roberts, 34, Driving without a valid license ($655), failure to yield to right of way ($135)

Jerry Knight, 25, Disorderly conduct ($275)

Sherry Eakin, 48, Theft by shoplifting ($745)

Albert McCoy, 26, Public Drunkenness ($275)

Jimmy Robinson, 44, Controlled substance—possession of marijuana ($1,045), open container ($275), public drunkenness ($275)

Kenneth Osborne, 38, Probation violation (no bond)

Tevin Gaines, 23, Obstructing or hindering officers ($655), driving while license suspended or revoked ($775)

Alejandro Acosta, 37, Driving without a valid license ($655), seatbelt violation ($15)

Shannon Madge, 29, Criminal damage to property (no bond)

Gerald Banks, 39, Open container ($275)

Jamichael McCants, 34, Criminal trespass ($275)

Rodney Glenn, 23, Controlled substance—possession of marijuana ($1,045)

Jackie Coker, 64, DUI ($1,276)

Angel Vickers, 26, Affray ($275), disorderly conduct ($275)

Rebecca McLendon, 27, Theft by shoplifting ($745)


Decatur County Sheriff’s Office incident reports Jan. 14-17.


Order to apprehend reported

Found firearms reported on the 100 block of Mine Loop Rd.

Trespassing reported on the 2000 block of Dothan Rd.

Domestic reported o nthe 600 block of Antioch Church Rd.

Found property reported on Lanes Bridge Rd.

Harassing phone calls reported

Possible burglary reported on 100 block of River Front Rd.

Suspicious activity reported on the 200 block of South Wilson St.

Executed warrant reported on the 100 block of Johnny Skipper Rd.

Disturbance complaint reported on the 100 block of Fluitt Rd.

Disturbance reported

Domestic reported on the 100 block of Black Jack Rd.


Decatur County Sheriff’s Office arrests Jan. 14-17.


Thomas Kirksey III, 25, Probation violation (no bond)