Family’s run at Swine Time part of goal to run 5K in every county in Georgia

Published 4:58 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Runners from throughout Decatur County and neighboring communities lined up at the starting line of the Swine Time 5K Run, clicking the timers on their watches as they waited for the horn.

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Every one of those runners has a goal. For some, it was to finish the race first. For others, it was to finish it altogether.

For one family, the Swine Time 5K was one of 159 runs they plan to compete in.

John and Ashley Coleman of Decatur came to Climax Saturday as part of their goal to run a race in every county in Georgia. It’s a project they plan to finish in a decade, maybe longer. But the experience is something the couple will enjoy with their three kids for many years to come.

“It’s good family adventures and time together, and it’s setting a good example for the kids,” said John, 34.

The Colemans are shooting to compete in one race a month. They browse websites to find their next races. Swine Time was a different story, though.

“We have a book called Georgia Curiosities, and it talks about the Swine Time,” said Ashley, 32. “We looked it up online and decided we had to do this. It embodies the whole spirit of the project.”

A member of John’s running group in Decatur told him about how he ran a race in every state. The Coleman’s figured a project that big would be too expensive, considering their three young kids and the airfare. But John and Ashley originally had a project planned where they would visit every county in the state, so they decided to tie in the race aspect.

The parents alternate who pushes their two youngest, Abby, 4, and Libby, 1, in a stroller during the run. That way each of them has a chance every couple races to push themselves and hit their own personal records.

“I’m really competitive with myself, and I was never a runner until I had (Libby),” Ashley said.

The Swine Time 5K was the eighth race of the project the Colemans have run in.