Thank you Georgia for beating the Tigers

Published 3:59 pm Wednesday, November 16, 2016

By John Simpson

As a graduate of the University of Alabama, I want to send my thanks to the University of Georgia. I want to tip my hat, nod my head in approval, and clap my hands for Coach Smart.

I also want to laugh. Not at Georgia, but at Auburn. I knew you were fake, I always knew it. So, thank you to Georgia and Coach Smart for exposing Alabama’s little brother.

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Not only is it amazing that you toppled Auburn, but you showed flashes of brilliance while doing it. The third best rushing offense in the nation was held to a grand total of 32 yards in the second half. Auburn couldn’t even put a series of plays together that earned them a first down.

Kirby is a defensive mastermind. Believe me, nowhere is that more known than in Tuscaloosa. Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson was held to 99 yards by the Bulldog defense. Auburns leading receiver had 14 yards. 14.

These numbers were from a team who has been deemed “explosive” on offense. A Georgia team who still has a lot to prove stopped them, but if Saturday is any indication then Georgia is moving in the right direction.

With a young quarterback in Jacob Eason there is a bright future for the Bulldogs. What happens down the road is any ones guess though. For now, however, I still want to thank the Bulldogs for putting Auburn back in their place.

Eason slung the ball for 208 yards and completed 20 of his 31 attempts, not bad for a freshman. It’s only appropriate that this be the year of the freshman. Who knows, there may be a showdown in Atlanta coming up within the next couple of years between Jalen Hurts and Jacob Eason to see who is the better teenager, as long as they don’t turn 20 before the game.

I digress, the important takeaway here is Georgia has a very bright future as long as Eason is involved.

Aside from knocking off Auburn, Georgia can say they were one of the cracks in the dam that led to the disruption of what people thought was an average college football weekend. Five of the top 10 teams lost. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 went down on the same day for the first time since 1985, and five of the top 10 lost as well. Georgia is now etched in the history of one of the wildest weekends in college football.

Weekends like this past one are why we love sports. Any given day David can take down Goliath, Jack can scale the beanstalk, and Tom can finally catch Jerry. The Bulldogs proved that on Saturday.

So thank you, Georgia, for beating Auburn. Thank you partaking in one of the best college football weekends in memory. I hope to watch you guys keep improving, as long as it doesn’t involve any more transfer players.