Thanksgiving is usually a time for fasting, maybe try portion control this year

Published 6:11 pm Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We’re darkening the doorstep of a dangerous time now. No, I’m not talking about the delusional rioters that are burning cars, flags, and harassing innocent people just due to the fact their person didn’t win the presidency. Nor am I commenting on the ridiculous day of Black Friday. I’m speaking about the upcoming feasting thats fixing to take place in the coming weeks.

Thanksgiving is lurking around the corner. The thought of the degree of gluttonous consumption I witnessed last year alone already makes my stomach hurt. I’m a firm believer Thanksgiving and Christmas are purposely put together at the end of the year so our wives can get away with fattening us men up, just to justify getting us larger pants we desperately need, all while they ride along to the bank with that pair of diamond earrings.

Nevertheless, we need to be aware of how to avoid packing back on the pounds we’ve worked so hard to drop so far. Like always, it’s going to take a little self-discipline.

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We all know it’s not the fact your grandmother has made an enormous spread with three meats, six sides, and don’t mention that amazing eight layer chocolate cake, it’s the fact that your in-laws, your brother’s family in Florida  and your co-workers all have done the same and you have already RSVP’d a month ago and you’re not in the business of hurting your love one’s feelings. So, what is there to?

Portion control is first and a must. You know you’ve got a day’s worth of eating to partake in so we have to pace ourselves. ABC News once reported that on average we consume 4500 calories on Thanksgiving. So grabbing a smaller plate or maybe even a small desert plate to eat off of and skipping the competition with your cousins on who can eat the most stuffing this year is probably for the best.

It’s not a bad idea to kick your day off with a good exercise. A morning run, a half hour on your jump rope in the garage, or maybe just a session of calisthenics can all get your motor going and burning extra calories throughout the rest of the day to offset the fact you’re going to return home with three-pounds of meat in your gut. Throw the football with the kids after you’ve eaten instead of just sitting on the coach complaining about Trump winning with the in-laws. You’re going to be on the road a bunch so there’s plenty of time to sit and be lazy enough right there.

This time of the year we should be giving thanks for all that we cherish and deem worthy to show thanks for. What I’m saying is, it’s hard to show thanks when you’re steadily killing yourself at your grandmother’s dining room table every November. Make this November a different one, just like we did with our lives this year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Port City.