Mark Harrell wins county tax commissioner race

Published 9:54 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Decatur County’s state and local elections wrapped up Tuesday evening, with multiple races posting their final results.

The Decatur County Tax Commissioner race came out in favor of Mark Harrell, who beat Oliver Sellers 6,258-3,569 (64-36 percent).

“I thank Oliver Sellers for running a good, clean race and thank the citizens for voting for me and giving me a chance to serve them for the next four years,” Harrell said.

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“I hope to make the office more online for citizens to have the option. They can still come in and do it the way we’ve always done it, but also they’d have an option to go online for tag renewals and for property tax payments and probably get that going in the first six months.”

Sellers congratulated Harrell on the win.

Incumbents returning to their positions for their next terms are State Senator Dean Burke, Representative Jay Powell, South Georgia Judicial Circuit District Attorney Joe Mulholland, Superior Court Clerk Cecilia Willis, Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin, Coroner Kenny Hollis and District 3 County Commissioner Dennis Brinson.

Steve Brock will take over the District 2 county commissioner seat and Greg Murray will take the District 5 county commissioner seat.

At press time Tuesday night, the following state election results were:

Greg Duke was beating Sanford Bishop (Incumbent) for the District 2 U.S. Representative seat 5,110-4,883.

Darlene Taylor (Incumbent) was beating Tommy Hill for the District 173 State Representative seat 1,951-1,119.

Constitutional Amendment 1 (Opportunity Schools District amendment) was leading with a “no” vote 5,766-4,039 (Statewide 932,686-590,945).

Constitutional Amendment 2 (Sexual Exploitation penalties) was leading with a “yes” vote 7,667-2,030 (Statewide 1,255,971-245,238).

Constitutional Amendment 3 (Judicial Qualifications Commission) was leading with a “yes” vote 5,476-3,723 (Statewide 887,915-526,061).

Constitutional Amendment 4 (Fireworks tax) was leading with a “yes” vote 7,090-2,564 (Statewide 1,201,011-288,767).