Letter to the Editor

Published 4:44 pm Friday, November 4, 2016

When I moved to Bainbridge, I found a cat community in my backyard. The next spring, three litters were born. I found myself feeding and caring for 16 cats, mostly feral, except for the babies, which I touched and socialized. OMG – I had to fix them all! I started looking around town and realized these colonies were every-where!

So, for six years now, I have run Marley Memorial spay/neuter for Cats — a low cost program for pets, strays and ferals. Marley Memorial has helped almost 1,000 cats, mostly thanks to Bainbridge’s wonderful veterinarians. I have no plans of ever stopping.

With this program I have tried to help the many cat colonies in Bainbridge — WalMart, Water Street, Church Street, Rose Circle—I just heard there was a colony near Hutto Middle School. All these cute cats, with no Rabies vaccinations, running around near small children who want to touch and cuddle them.

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The next project is the colony at Flint River Boat Basin, one of Bainbridge’s favorite landmarks and event spots. (Again, no Rabies for cats near families and small chil-dren.)

But, we can fix this! There is a group called OPERATION RIVER CATS AND MORE, which can be found on Gofundme.com. I am asking the City of Bainbridge and De-catur County to step up and help! I am asking every business in Bainbridge to make a small donation to help solve our overpopulation problem.

I am only asking for $20, not a huge amount of money. And, believe me, my $20 is already there!

Sally Miller