For this World Series, I finally get to watch my favorite team

Published 10:34 pm Friday, October 28, 2016

Growing up in Ohio, I was a Cleveland Indians fan from my earliest memories of baseball. My dad loved baseball and he followed the Indians, first on the radio, then on TV. I grew up hearing the names Bob Feller, Lou Boudreau, Bob Lemon and the great Satchel Paige.

Then, Cleveland fell into what has become known as the 33-year-slump, the years between 1960-1993. There was even a movie “Major League,” that came out in 1989, that portrayed the Indians as losers who miraculously won in the end.

As long as I lived in Ohio I followed the Indians. The names Sandy Alomar, Orel Hershiser, Jim Thome, Manny Rimerez and Kenny Lofton were all great players. They won the division title in 1995, only to lose the series. It was very disappointing.

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CC Sabathia was a great pitcher for the Indians who won the Cy Young Award while he was with the club before he was traded to the Yankees.

Beginning in 2003, as I moved farther and father away from Ohio, first to northern Alabama, then to Southwest Georgia, I lost the ability to watch the Indians on TV and lost track of their players and games……Until this year.

Now, as I watch the exciting world series between the Indians and the Chicago Cubs, I am getting acquainted with the new talented players. Naturally, I am rooting for the Indians; but I must admit I am a bit torn by seeing the Cubs finally having a chance to play and possibly win the series. Either way, I can’t lose.