BPS makes major drug bust, seller suspected of having outside dealer

Published 10:29 pm Friday, October 28, 2016

Thomas Fox was arrested by a Bainbridge Public Safety officer on Thursday and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a controlled substance within in 1,000 feet of a housing project. BPS officer found marijuana valued at more than $500 on his person and in his house at the time of is arrest.

“We got information that [Fox] was selling marijuana from the residence and opened up an investigation,” BPS investigator Chip Nix said. “Once we made contact with him, we could smell marijuana coming from the residence and in plain view inside the residence was a marijuana blunt.”

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According to Nix, after Fox was placed under arrest they found an additional quantity of marijuana on his person.

“When he was arrested, we searched his person and found 51 bags of marijuana in his pocket and a little bit of cash,” Nix said.

Fox then allegedly admitted to there being more marijuana in the house. The stash was discovered in a duffle bag and included six quarter-ounce bags and a one-ounce size bag.

Nix said that based on the quality of marijuana, it is believed that his supplier is not local.

“From the investigation we know that he’s been selling a high grade marijuana, which on the street they refer to it as ‘Loud,’” Nix said. “It costs a little more then your low to midgrade marijuana or your ‘rag weed’ as people call it. He’s probably got a supplier that’s not from Bainbridge.”

The marijuana that was confiscated has not been tested by BPS to determine if it is ‘Loud’ or a different variety.

Based on the quantity of marijuana and how it was packaged, Nix said that there is the possibility that Fox was selling to other dealers as well as directly to users.

“The way it’s packaged leads me to believe that he’s selling to users as well as selling to dealers,” Nix said. “Its not uncommon for a dealer to buy an ounce size or a quarter size and break it down further. Some users will buy a quarter-sized sack or an ounce sized sack if they don’t want to keep going back and forth or depending on their habit.”

Nix said that making these types of arrests where dealers are selling from residences operated by the Bainbridge Housing Authority can help protect other residents.

“You’ve got two small children in there, a toddler and a newborn, and you’ve got other people that can’t afford to live anywhere else besides government housing,” Nix said. “It makes it real difficult for those people to live a peaceful life. When there’s lots of traffic in and out of the house and they have to worry about where there’s drugs often times there’s guns.”

The investigation is ongoing.